COVID-19 Response & Emergency Preparedness

“We must work to create a state that is prepared to support our residents in time of crisis.”

This is an uncertain and unprecedented time for all of us. Whether we are worried about a vulnerable family member’s health, or our own financial security, the current public health emergency has us all on edge and concerned about the future well-being of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation.

We know that this virus will persist and be a detriment to our society– and quite frankly will continue to kill people in our state– until a vaccine is available. Wisconsin is already behind in implementing policies that support its residents during this global pandemic. We must swift take action to support our healthcare heroes and other front-line workers, reform our unemployment insurance system, provide financial assistance to the hardworking people of our state, and more.

I have been proud to support the Wisconsin Legislative Democrats’ policies, including the COVID-19 Response Plan, the Healthcare Heroes Act, and the Unemployment Insurance Reform package. These are vital bills that we must take action on in order to provide real support and relief for Wisconsinites across our state.

Further, we must work to create a state that is prepared to support our residents in time of crisis– whether it be another health crisis, or a natural disaster or other emergency, we need to ensure that all Wisconsinites have the security to weather hard times. Our state needs to invest in emergency preparedness efforts and prioritize affordable housing, healthcare access, instituting a living wage, & more, to ensure that Wisconsin residents can succeed– policies that I have been a leader on in the State Assembly and will continue to work for as State Senator.

In the State Senate, I am committed to working on legislation to address this public health crisis, so that we can move forward as a state and have strong science based systems in place that support Wisconsinites for the long-term.