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Supporting Local Businesses


Our local businesses are vital to our communities and our state’s economy. From local family owned restaurants and mom and pop stores on Main Street, innovative start-ups and tech companies, farms and other agricultural output, manufacturing and other industries, and beyond, the 16th Senate District is home to a broad array of vital businesses. These businesses not only provide countless family-sustaining jobs and economic stimulus in our area, but are providing essential services for our community. Further, local businesses are often at the forefront of innovation, prosperity, and entertainment in our state. 


As a former small businesses owner and the ranking member of the Assembly Small Business Committee, I know the unique challenges that businesses face in our community. Now more than ever, with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take steps to support local business, help them stay afloat in these difficult economic times, and ensure they can succeed in the long-run. In the State Assembly, I have been proud to work together with local businesses, businesses owners, and employees alike to support business, while also working to create an economy that works for all Wisconsinites.  


In the State Senate, I will proudly continue to support innovation, entrepreneurship, & local businesses to lift up our Wisconsin economy and workforce, and to move our state forward.