Environment & Conservation 

“Wisconsin’s environment and natural resources are vital for our state, and must be fiercely protected.”

From our beautiful lakes, state parks, diverse wildlife, and more, Wisconsin’s environment and natural resources are vital for our state, and must be fiercely protected. Whether it be hunting and fishing, or swimming and camping, our environment is essential to outdoor recreation and our Wisconsin economy, in addition to being fundamental for our personal well-being.

We must continue to keep investing in Wisconsin’s environment for future generations to come. From scientists and experts across the world, we know that the issue of climate change is happening, and will continue to worsen if we do not collectively work to combat it. Further, we know that Wisconsin continues to lack clean and accessible drinking water for its residents, faces PFAs contamination and other harmful detriments in our waterways, is behind in investing in renewable energies, and more.

We must face the issues of climate change, conservation efforts, and environmental justice head on, and actively work to protect our crucial natural resources and our shared environment. We need strong, effective leadership who will fight for comprehensive policy reform to support conservation efforts and to protect our invaluable natural resources and environment. In the State Assembly, I have been proud to be part of many environmental justice and climate change reform bills.

In the State Senate, I am committed to continuing my track record in championing for our environment and conservation efforts.