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Non-Partisan Redistricting


Democracy means that the people pick their legislators, not that legislators pick their voters. When the people vote, they must be assured that their vote has the power to make a difference. The makeup of our state legislature must be chosen by Wisconsin voters, not a handful of legislators already in power. Wisconsinites must be able to depend on their votes’ ability to effect change in their representation. This is the only acceptable way forward.

In my first term as a State Representative, I and my fellow Democratic freshman legislators authored a bill that would remove redistricting authority from politicians, and instead delegate it to a nonpartisan body. Since then, I have been fighting for nonpartisan, fair, representative districts for our state every session and I will continue this fight for fairness in the State Senate. Partisan politics have no place in redistricting, and partisan gerrymandering is unacceptable.


In the State Senate I will continue to fight for a nonpartisan redistricting process, and I am dedicated to ensuring that Wisconsin voters get the power of their vote back.